Bilingual people should be put in the stocks for witchcraft, demands Tory MEP

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Conservative MEP David Bannerman has refused to apologize from his controversial demand to make loyalty to the EU an act of treason and has now created further controversy by saying people who speak a second language should be punished in the village square for practising ‘blatant sorcery.’

Speaking from his air-conditioned office in Brussels, the eurosceptic politician told journalists that Brexit was about to usher in a new, purer era for the UK.

He told reporters, “We have to clean out the pigsty. People who are comfortable in the presence of darkies will be deported. We will also create a database to register all those with obvious foreign blood in them, like those tall thin people.

“We will have a land for honest English folk who look a bit like turnips and struggle with their own mother tongue.”

Mr Bannerman kept most of his opprobrium for bilingual or multilingual people and said they should be branded and publicly shunned.

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“It’s the darkest magic I tell you. I see it every day in Brussels. These eurocrats babble on in their indecipherable tongues but if you walk up to them they switch to English. Like it was nothing! And then they look at you like you’re an idiot. I’m worldly. I’ve been to Spain twice! I can order drinks and everything. But being able to talk like a foreigner just like that. It’s not natural!”

Mr Bannerman’s official MEP webpage explains that he originally got elected to Strasbourg as a UKIP candidate but recently defected to the Tories.

However, the French language page, when translated, claims he has spent several years and thousands of euros “napping, getting drunk at lunch, reading the Telegraph and looking like a confused warthog.”