Man taking family beach photos shocked to find hordes of topless women in the background

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A man from Carlisle was in a state of shock today, after he discovered that his innocent holiday photographs had been photo-bombed by a series of half-naked and beautiful, yet mischievous, women.

Simon Williams, who was on the sunshine island of Majorca with his two young children and wife Melanie, said that he had no idea why the women had suddenly appeared in the images.

“I just can’t believe it, I don’t know what type of person would do this to an innocent family. Every day, I insisted on picking the part of the beach that we sat on so that we avoided these types, yet there they are, plainly flaunting themselves in my pictures. I swear that they weren’t there when the pictures were taken, maybe they’re ghosts?”

Wife Melanie was equally scathing about the ‘wanton behaviour’ of the ladies.

“Simon is always very particular where he wants us to stand when taking photos at the beach and I know he tries so hard to avoid taking pictures of these floozies. Yet, there they are, throwing themselves into the pictures, some of them even made me and the kids go out of focus, they were so desperate for the attention.”

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It is thought that Mr Williams is now considering putting the pictures on some special websites, so that he can track the women down.

“I would like to talk to some of these ladies and find out exactly what they think that they were playing at. Especially the tall blonde one in the pale blue bikini bottoms, with the dolphin tattoo on her bronzed, left thigh, just above that small scar. She’s the one that I’d most like to…err…talk to.”

“He is amazing,” said Melanie, “and determined to teach these women some good old fashioned family values. When he tracks them down, then I’m sure that they will get the sharp end of his tongue.”

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