I would never insult a black person who wasn’t being uppity, confesses Roseanne Barr in mea culpa interview

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In a tearful interview with her rabbi, the controversial comedian revisited the shocking racist tweet that led to the cancellation of her eponymous show and insisted she held African Americans in the high esteem, particularly those who decide “not to be ghetto but act like normal folk”.

Ms Barr maintained that she was not a racist and that it was prescription drugs that made her target a black woman instead of just quietly vilifying Muslims or teenage survivors of school shootings.

She also maintained that, had it not been cancelled, the show could have delved into the complexities of life in Trump’s America.

She explained, “The saddest thing is that I wanted to heal our divided country. Roseanne was about how a family torn apart by the 2016 election would regroup out of their love of each other and their desire to make sure the right folk moved into the neighborhood. That’s right with an r.

“The show would have proved not to be racist because, in one episode, the Conners would step in to help Leroy Washington, a former colleague of Dan who came into hard times because the happy-go-lucky scamp could never resist a game of street dice.

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“And each season would have ended with a good old-fashioned backyard barbecue where children of all races would play together until they are of dating age.”

Ms Barr also explained that her sacking had caused her to reflect and move her work in more inclusive directions.

She is said to be collaborating with Kanye West to reboot Disney’s family favorite, Song of the South.