Woman criticises husband for watching ‘that football rubbish for a month’ before turning back to Love Island

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Simon Williams from Preston, who has been strongly condemned by his partner for hogging the television for a month to watch the World Cup, has been told in no uncertain terms that he is spoiling the viewing enjoyment of the whole family.

Whilst he lays back and enjoys classics such as Russia playing Saudi Arabia and Croatia defeating Nigeria, his partner is furious that Love Island has been virtually ignored since last Thursday.

Ashley Williams told us today, “It is disgraceful that he is watching a month’s worth of top athletes at the peak of their profession, competing in a tournament that will bring fans together from across the world and hopefully break down some long-established social barriers – all while Love Island is on the other side and I still have a load of Britain’s got Talents and X-Factors to catch up on.”

It is thought that his partner has put Mr Williams under so much pressure, that he is on the verge of agreeing to a deal whereby they will watch Love Island together on catch-up once the group stages are finished.

It has even been alleged that both Mama Mia and Spiceworld have been threatened.

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“I am just not having it,” continued Ashley, “it’s not like it’s just a one-off either, this is every four years, and then there’s that European thingy in between.

“We’ll be up to Love Island 11 or something by then and I suppose I will have to miss that as well. There’s no give and take.”

It is thought that Mr Williams will now offer to watch the remainder of the competition in the pub.