History is littered with examples of the good guys locking children in cages, insists Donald Trump

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Donald Trump has insisted he is one of the good guys, after pointing to the history books literally brimming with examples of the good guys taking children away from their families and putting them in cages under 24-hour guard.

Trump and his administration have come under considerable criticism for the policy, which sees children taken from parents trying to cross the border into the United States – though the President has been quick to refute accusations that this makes him one of the ‘bad guys’.

Trump explained, “If you look at history, and I have looked at history because you can learn a lot from it, then you’ll see that there are lots of examples of the good guys forcibly taking children from their parents in order to make their political opponents do what they want.

“I don’t have to name them because there are hundreds of them. Lots of people are saying it.

Trump went on to defend his position, saying that although he is definitely right to lock children up in cages, the Democrats could stop it any time they liked.

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He explained, “This would stop immediately if the Democrats gave me what I wanted and funded the wall. Give me what I want and I stop splitting families and psychologically harming children.

“What? I don’t see why you people seem to think this is evil? All I’m doing is using the suffering of children to gain political leverage over my enemies by using their weakness for not liking child cruelty. Haven’t we all done that at one time or another?

“The wall is incredibly important, and if a few thousand families have to be torn apart to make it happen, then I’m OK with that.

“If a few hundred kids live their lives with the mental scars of sleeping in cages under bright lights and foil blankets, then so be it – it’s absolutely worth it.

“And the history books will laud me for it. Well, the ones I write certainly will.”