Jeremy Kyle announced as new presenter of Question Time

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The BBCs flagship politics show, Question Time, is to be taken to its logical conclusion by new presenter Jeremy Kyle.

As David Dimbleby announced he was stepping down from the show, producers wasted no time in appointing the one man capable of taking the shows adversarial style to the next level.

BBC executive Simon Williams told us, “For a few years now we’ve been moving towards the televisual equivalent of clickbait, so it makes sense that we decided the logical next step for Question Time was to get Jeremy Kyle to front the show.

“He has precisely the sort of track record we’re looking for in confronting liars and frauds on national television, though we might find he wants to ask more questions than the audience.

“The show needs a shot in the arm, and who better to get to the truth of the matter?

“As we’ve seen recently, merely asking wildly unpopular people onto the show to tell lies and spread mistruths isn’t enough, but can you imagine Nigel Farage telling everyone how great it’ll be outside the EU while hooked up to a lie detector?

“Or Nick Griffin taking a DNA test that shows he’s mostly foreign. This could soon become Thursday night’s must-watch television.”

Viewers have welcomed the appointment, with many suggesting it shows the BBC is finally getting in touch with the people who own televisions.

Regular television watcher Sharon Matthews told us, “We don’t want intellectuals arguing about the different trading regimes under EEA and WTO rules, we want right-wing columnists screaming at liberal campaigners separated by a massive bouncer in a polo shirt.

“I think I’d watch that ahead of Love Island.”