North Korean administration left horrified at how US treats migrant children

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North Korean officials have admitted their denuclearisation deal with the United States could be in jeopardy after learning how the Americans treat the children of migrants.

As news of the detention centres holding migrant children separate from their families reached the North Korean capital, officials looked at each other and asked themselves if they could, in good conscience, continue to deal with such a regime.

A Pyongyang official told us, “We realise the Americans are very secretive by nature, but having learned how they separate families like this – how can we continue to look them in the eye and deal with them in good faith?

“Sure, you don’t always get to negotiate with nice people, we understand this, we are adults… but these are children, surely everyone agrees normal people don’t behave this way to children?

“Our research has shown us that Americans have been indoctrinated to have this blind faith in an old book which they often use to justify to their abhorrent behaviour.

“You would hope the people would question a book that allows the government to justify such awful treatment of minors, but not so – if anything, they’re celebrating it.

“It’s that sort of behaviour that makes us wonder if we should even be talking to the Americans.”

The US has defended its policy of detaining migrant children away from their families, insisting the responsibility rests with the children themselves.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions explained, “If these children didn’t want to be put in detention centres away from their parents, they should have thought twice about being born into a family that wants to migrate to America.”