Theresa May releases drill video targeting Tory Remain rebels

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Hardline Remainer Anna Soubry watched the well-dressed man move slowly through the Chamber.

He smiled and touched other MPs on the shoulder, but she knew he was making his way towards her.

Julian Smith, the Government Chief Whip, sat down next to her, and she awaited the argument and persuasion to come.

Instead, Mr Smith simply took out his phone, and played a video.

“It showed Theresa May, Boris, Michael Gove, Julian himself and some others,” recalls a visibly shaken Soubry.

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“They all had their faces covered and baseball caps on, but it was clear who they were.

“An ugly beat was playing and it was Gove, I think, who actually did the singing, or rapping, or whatever you call it.

“I don’t recall the lyrics, except for the chorus – ‘Man got to back your fam. Man got to back your fam,’ and then they’d all chant ‘blam blam’.”

Mrs Soubry says the inference was clear.

“Well, if I didn’t support the government, some injury would come to me.”

The video also contains a variety of images of weapons such as knives, guns and baseball bats.

As it draws to a close, the protagonists can all be seen getting on their bikes and cycling off over a hill as the word ‘Brexit’ appears on screen accompanied by a blaze of gunfire.

It is understood that in the government plan to release a series of drill videos until the votes on the Brexit bill amendments have concluded.

It is possible the drill songs will the be bundled together on an album, but Michael Gove thinks that would be selling out and that they should ‘keep it real.’