Tensions rise as Kim Jong Un asks Trump ‘What do you mean I’m funny?’

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There was an awkward moment during Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong-un when the President referred to the supreme leader as a ‘funny guy’.

For a moment it looked as though any hope of a deal being reached was lost as Mr Kim appeared to take offence at Trump’s comment.

The exchange went as follows:

Trump: Ah, you’re a funny guy, Kim.

Kim: What do you mean? I amuse you? The way I talk? What?

Trump: No, I just meant that story about the death camps. How you routinely execute people without trial. It was funny.

Kim: Funny how? How the fuck was that funny?

Trump: I just mean, you know, when you said about how your regime culls political prisoners by starving them to death in prisons. You know, it was a funny story.

Kim: No, I don’t know. You said it. How do I know? You said I’m funny.

Trump: Hey, come on now. You can’t tell me about how you execute people with antiaircraft machine guns and not expect me to laugh.

Kim: So let me get this straight – I’m a clown? Is that why you flew all this way to meet me? Because I’m such a fucking hilarious jester?

Aide: Supreme leader, I think you misunderstand the President…

Kim: Whoa! He’s a big boy. He knows what he said. He can explain. How am I funny?

Trump: Kim, you’re getting me all wrong. I just meant the infanticide and enforced abortions and…wait a minute…get the fuck outta here!

Kim (laughing): This guy! I almost had him!

Turns out Kim Jong-un is a funny guy after all. The mass murdering little scamp!