Morgan Freeman allegedly pinched woman’s arse while narrating the whole thing

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Morgan Freeman has been accused not only of sexually harassing women but of callously narrating the incidents as they happened.

The voice of almost everything in Hollywood is alleged to have touched a woman without her consent while narrating in his dulcet tones.

“I have him on tape, if you’d like to hear it?” said one of Freeman’s accusers, before pressing play on her phone as Freeman’s voice arose from her device.

“Well, I’d like to say she had a backside a grown man like me might resist touching in an unwelcome fashion,” intoned Freeman’s silky voice, which you would previously associate with a warm and fuzzy feeling, but maybe now you’ll be a bit creeped out by it each time you hear it.

“I’d like to say that. But it turns out that consensual contact wasn’t such a clearly defined line to Morgan Freeman as other, nicer men,” he continued, while in your head definitely heard all of this text in his voice.

“Every man has his weakness, and in this case, the weakness was in Morgan Freeman’s entirely incorrect perception of what he was, and was not, entitled to do to women without their say-so.

“Little did Morgan Freeman know that his actions this day would have huge ramifications for his future, for he’d previously been able to get away with it for ages.

“I guess that’s just the way life goes.”

Stopping the tape, the accuser then told us, “That was when he pinched my arse. It was fucking horrible.”