Man successfully unsubscribes from a decade’s worth of shit emails by doing f*ck all

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A man has successfully unsubscribed from a colossal volume of shit emails by simply sitting on his arse and ignoring the begging emails as they came in.

Internet user Simon Williams told us that the volume of spam he got had built up over the years because he was far too lazy to do anything about it, and he was pleased that it has now gone away for exactly the same reason.

“I’ve spent the last eleven years planning this,” he told us, “but I was always daunted by the arduous task of scrolling to the bottom of the mail and clicking ‘unsubscribe’, sometimes twice in a single day.

”Although whenever I got a penis enlargement email it did give me a laugh by clicking ‘move to junk’.

“But with the simple expedient of surfing Reddit and doing fuck all else, all that crap people used to send me has gone away. I call that a success in anyone’s book.

“Who even needs email these days? Even my gran contacts me over Facebook, and I’m sure that’s perfectly fine.”