Disappointment as GDPR won’t prevent mother-in-law from contacting you

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Your mother-in-law can still legally annoy the crap out of you despite the introduction of GDPR, millions of disappointed husbands have learned today.

Following the implementation of GDPR, companies now need your express consent to contact you by email or phone.

“But it doesn’t sodding apply to bloody Margaret though, I’ve checked,” sighed Simon Williams.

“She’s not a terrible person, but she’s up there with Songs of Praise in terms of sheer, unadulterated tedium.

“The other day she sent me a lasagne recipe and suggested ‘maybe you’d like to cook for Theresa for a change hee hee’.

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“That kind of passive aggression, paired up with apparent ignorance of the term ‘lol’ is fairly typical of what she sends to me on at least a thrice-weekly basis.”

Margaret commented, “Oh, I’m so pleased I’ll still be able to email lovely Simon even after the introduction of GDPR.

“He doesn’t usually reply, because he’s terribly busy, but the other week he replied with ‘got it thanks’ which was really touching.

“Today I’m going to send him a link to a nice car and suggest he could buy something like that if he applied himself at work a little more. Not in a nasty way, just some gentle encouragement from someone who cares.”

Simon added, “I’m not busy. I work in marketing. I could easily reply if I wanted to, I just choose not to.

“I’m going to buy that car and use it to run over her hand so she can’t email for a bit.”

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