Ireland votes to kick Bishop Brennan up the arse

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In a landslide vote yesterday, Ireland has voted for Bishop Brennan to be kicked ‘right up the arse’.

Brennan, who is invitingly bent over at the top of the stairs, was widely thought to be ‘too scary’ to be kicked up the arse – and he may well not believe what is about to happen as a result.

Irish citizens globally migrated to their homeland to take part in the historic vote, which will see the Bishop firmly punted up the bum as soon as everyone has taken a deep breath and a good run-up.

”I’ve got to say we never expected kicking the Bishop to be so popular,” said voter Seamon O’Williams.

”We thought it might be a close-run thing, like when the British voted to kick themselves up the arse a few years ago.

”But no, it’s the will of the people. Brace yourself, Len.”