Boris Johnson tricks Russian pranksters into believing he’s a credible politician

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Russian pranksters were left red-faced yesterday after they spent an 18-minute phone call thinking they were playing a joke on a credible, respected politician when, in reality, they were talking to Boris Johnson.

One of the jokers pretended to be the new Armenian Prime Minister for the duration of the call, seemingly unaware that Boris Johnson had been pretending to be the British Foreign Secretary for nearly two years.

“Well, as you say in Britain, we have had the tables turned on us,” said Alexei Stolyarov, one half of the duo Lexus and Vovan.

“We had read about this Boris Johnson and thought he was serious person, however it seems that instead we have spent twenty minutes speaking with buffoon.”

Vladimir Kuznetsov has spoken of the moment he suspected something was amiss.

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“I was pretending to be PM and explaining Armenian plot to invade Russia and re-establish Romanov monarchy line.

“Mr Johnson responded by saying ‘Wiffle-waffle, bomptypuddle,’ and then spoke for several minutes in Latin, saying a number of phrases that sounded very impressive but, in reality, had no meaning.

“Then he asked if we could remind him what Armenia was again.

“It was then that I started to suspect we were speaking to someone who was a quite stupid person.”

Despite the embarrassment, Lexus and Vovan have proved to be good sports about the whole affair.

“We trick people for a few minutes on the phone, this Mr Johnson man has tricked entire country for many years into believing he is proper politician.

“We give him our respect as big jokers.”

It is understood that Vladimir Putin will have the wacky japesters sent to a gulag for several years before they are both shot.