David Beckham under fire after tattooing himself during royal wedding

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Critics have hit out at soccer legend, David Beckham, who was spotted tattooing one of his legs during Saturday’s royal wedding ceremony at Windsor Castle

The former Manchester United and England icon was spotted by a BBC camera with his trousers pulled down to his knees and was clearly seen using a piece of sharpened bamboo and a bottle of Indian ink to etch a crude ship’s anchor tattoo with, ‘Harry and Meghan’, in a scroll underneath it on his upper thigh.

Beckham defended the move, saying that he uses tattoos to remember important moments in his life “a bit like that bloke in that film, what was it?” before stopping to look at a small tattoo on the inside of his arm, before adding, “Ah, yes, Momento, that’s it.”

He added, “I also need something to keep me occupied during the duller parts of the ceremony, and Victoria insisted I couldn’t bring my crayons.”

The criticism of Beckham’s behaviour is reminiscent of the outcry that ensued after Prince Andrew’s daughter, Eugenie, was spotted in a pew at the back of Westminster Abbey having her pubic hair fashioned into a heart and dyed pink during the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in April 2011.

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