Shock as nobody carted off to re-education camps following alt-right march for Freedom of Speech

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Several famous YouTube pundits, none of whom have ever been incarcerated for saying what they think, have courageously marched in defence of freedom of expression, braving crowds who shouted many harsh words at them with only their conviction and dozens of taxpayer-funded police officers for protection.

Simon Williams, better know as Shitlord Pepe, explained to reporters that the march was not a desperate attempt by professional shit-stirrers to boost their monetizing capacity, but a tremendously dangerous act of defiance against PC tyranny.

Shitlord Pepe explained, “We are on the cusp of a SJW fascist takeover. Right now they already harass me on the comment platforms I control just because I say Muslims are cockroaches or that women always lie about rape.

“These snowflake Robespierres are enabled by government elites who will stop at nothing to kill our liberating message that dogs making Nazi salutes are hilarious.

“Our message is simple, we must be allowed to say the things we are saying without consequence, as opposed to the consequence-free environment we currently operate in.

At the march, police officers denied that they were preparing to send alt-right personalities to die in coldest Siberia or make them disappear in the night, as claimed Chief Inspector Amanda Tinnock.

She told us, “We’re not quite sure what the problem is. They told us they were marching and we stopped traffic and provided an escort since constantly telling people they are undesirable vermin can get tempers flaring.

“We weren’t told to seize their families or torture them because, well, that’s a fucking stupid notion that only they seem to think is a real possibility.

“We did bring ambulances, that is true, but not to cart them off to some Dickensian insane asylum. It’s just that a lot of them are out of shape and have allergies.

“They don’t get out much, you see.”