Marvel to release “Where’s Hawkeye?” Infinity War spinoff book

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Comics fans will be invited to try and find the archer superhero amongst the literally hundreds of characters who appear in the film.

Eagle-eyed readers will try and spot him and his accessories in packed fields of other, better heroes who actually have something they can contribute.

Some cynical voices have suggested that Hawkeye had been left out of Infinity War as he’s so utterly outclassed by even furniture and gardening accessories nobody could think of a use for him – a rumour Marvel deny.

“We’ve hidden Hawkeye so well you’d almost think he’s not there at all,” laughed Marvel supremo Simon Williams.

“But if you look really closely at every picture we’re sure you’ll spot him eventually. Just keep looking. And looking.

“And if ..sorry, I mean when you find him you can have the fun of going back and finding his bow, his arrows, and the small, sorry piles of ash that were once his wife and kids.

“Thanks for your money,” he added.