‘Venom’ trailer basically evil Mister Tickle

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The trailer for the forthcoming ‘Venom’ superhero film has revealed the plot to be evil Mister Tickle off the Mister Men, movie insiders report.

Tickle, who is blessed with unusually long arms and a naughty sense of humour, is turned an oily black by an alien symbiote and uses his powers to fight crime in the picture due for release later in 2018.

The trailer shows several exciting scenes where he uses his super-long tickle arms to reduce baddies to helpless giggles before tearing them to pieces – because that’s what heroes do these days.

“We think the world is ready for a newer, darker interpretation of the Mister Men, and how better to start building that franchise with than Mister Tickle,” explained Sony Movies supremo Simon Williams.

“Everyone here felt that there is a cold, calculating heart to Mister Tickle that we felt needed exploring on the big screen – things you simply can’t do in small white pages.

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“The way he reaches around corners and tickles anyone – teachers, policemen, children and more – suggests a dichotomy of personality that could easily fall to evil, and we want to portray that inner conflict.

“Tom Hardy is in many ways the ideal person to play such a conflicted role.

“If this film does well we plan to expand it into a MisterVerse, and already have plans for films where Mister Uppity uses his incredible wealth to build a flying super-suit, and another where Little Miss Naughty dyes her hair and starts going out with The Joker.”