OfWilliam, William and Kate’s handmaid, to be passed on to Harry and Meghan

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The handmaid who has successfully birthed three children for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, is to be passed on to the Duke’s brother Harry.

OfWilliam has proved to be one of the most successful Royal handmaids since OfPhillip in the 50s and 60s, and is expected to continue her excellent work for Harry and his wife-to-be.

Most recently she birthed a son to the couple in such a quiet and efficient manner that the Princess was able to make a beautiful and composed public appearance just mere hours after the ceremony, much to the pleasure of the adoring tabloid press.

“I can confirm that OfWilliam will become OfHarry in the summer following the wedding of His Royal Highness and Meghan Markle,” confirmed a Palace spokesperson this morning.

“She will be expected to help around the house, run errands and take part in all ceremonies involved in the conception and birth of a child or, hopefully, children, on behalf of Ms Markle.

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“Of course, we trust she will perform her duties admirably, however, because if she doesn’t then she will probably be consigned to a life in Wales – as is the traditional punishment for disruptive or barren handmaids.

OfWilliam has been in the care of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge since their marriage in 2011.

It has been said by more progressive members of society that the use of handmaids is an affront to a modern nation such as ours. However, others have argued that in a country with the Windrush scandal, Grenfell Tower, and Universal Credit, it fits in perfectly.