Artist’s main creative output is anxiety

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Local artist Simone Williams puts the majority of her creative energy into finding things to be anxious about, according to reports.

Simone, who runs an online art and creative business, dedicates almost twice as much time to thinking up new and interesting ways to worry than she does serving her clients.

“Working as an artist I’ve got to have a very strict timetable to keep myself disciplined,” she told us.

“I wake at 2:30am every morning with a jolt as my brain remembers that stupid thing I said in 2003, and that allows me to devote the next three hours to worrying about how I’m letting each and every one of my friends down.

“My morning routine tends to involve putting together commissions, looking for new clients, and inventing clever things I should have said to people who were rude to me ten years ago.”

Having had a packed morning of formless worry, Simone spends her afternoon engaged in concern about how she’s failing her customers by spending the morning worrying about other things.

“Worrying that my worrying is making people not like me is perhaps my biggest worry of all,” she added.

“I’ll be honest, they say all artists have to struggle, so I was fully prepared for that – but I thought it was going to be more about trying to find just the right shade of blue rather than ‘Did I set the kitchen on fire when I made my Shreddies this morning?’.

“Still, on the bright side…no, sorry, I’ve got nothing.”