Brexiter who lauded post-Brexit prospects for international trade furious to see it in action with De La Rue

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Brexiters who proudly announced that Brexit would see more international trade outside of our shores have been left furious after they were shown precisely how that works with the contract to produce their new blue passports.

With De La Rue ending their attempt to legally challenge the award of the passport contract to someone who isn’t from the UK, Brexiters have faced the stark reality that international trade isn’t a one-way street.

International trade consultant, Simon Williams, told us, “The thing is, generally speaking, to succeed in international trade you have to be good at producing something, and you also have to be cost-effective at doing so – you don’t just automatically ‘get more business’ just by being outside the EU.

“Interestingly, the World Trade Organisation has very similar procurement rules to the EU, so even under WTO rules, De La Rue would have lost out on this deal. Isn’t that surprising?

“I’m sure that many Brexit supporters must be shocked to learn that a benefit they thought they were getting from Brexit is actually of no benefit at all.”

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Brexit voter Keith Smith told us, “If I want the British taxpayer to pay £90m more for something than it needs to, then that’s my right as a taxpayer.

“We won, and you need to get over it. If everything is 20% more expensive as a result of me winning, then that’s perfectly OK with me because… well… sovereignty.

“If I know one thing from the Brexit campaign, it’s that overpaying for things made domestically is definitely the right way to become a major player on the international stage.

“Yes it is, shut up.”