Complete simpleton still doing facebook questionnaires

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Despite an overwhelming tsunami of reasons why he shouldn’t, local simpleton Simon Williams is still sharing Facebook quizzes with his friends.

Simon, who has shared a ‘What is your personality type’ quiz already this morning, appears oblivious to the risks to the personal data of both him and those he thinks of as his closest friends.

In order to take the quiz, Simon clicked ‘Allow’ to every permission requested by the app, including that which allows access to his inside leg measurement and his preferred sexual position.

According to the quiz,  Simon is ‘an extrovert’, though the results appear to have missed him also being as thick as mince.

We spoke to his soon to be ex-friend William Simons.

He told us, “I took him firmly by the lapels and told him, straight to his face, that he should stop doing this as it is really fucking stupid.

“Yes, I may have got angry whilst I did so, as there was a bit of spit on his collar when I’d finished,” he told us.

“But all he said in return was ‘Yeah, but it’s just a bit of a laugh, isn’t it. I’m an extrovert’. And then he gave this little chuckle and a bit of a shrug like I was supposed to find it endearing.

“I tell you, if I killed him no jury would convict me. None.”

When asked, Simon said he was just trying to cheer his friends up and they shouldn’t worry so much because what harm could it possibly do?