Student screws the system by paying £6 for a BrewDog beer

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A local student has given two fingers to “the man” by paying over the odds for a drink.

Simon Williams, 19, is studying philosophy and politics at the University of Reading and has a beard because of course he fucking does.

Sipping from a drink that cost the equivalent of four tins of Carlsberg, Williams said, “ahh, that’s the sweet taste of screwing with capitalism.

“I mean, yeah, I paid with money in the same way I’d pay for anything else, but I did it in a bar that plays Madness non-stop in an ironic way, so it’s different.

“BrewDog is for rebels and punks like me. I know that because their marketing told me so.

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“You can really taste the hops. I don’t actually know what hops are, but the pleasure of consuming them costs six quid which means they must be wonderful.

“I’m looking forward to getting a bit of a buzz on before going to bed at 9:30pm.”

Simon’s dad said, “No, of course I’m not proud of him.

“What happened to downing pints of Foster’s at £1.95 a pop until you throw up into a skip? That’s proper drinking.”