Global hope that tensions may recede after Putin tweets ‘U OK hon? PM me’

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There is hope that Russia and America may be stepping back from the brink of war after Putin tweeted ‘U OK hon? PM me.’

There was concern that war may be inevitable after US President Donald Trump tweeted – ‘woopie-doo! Missile time. Donnie go bang-bang, Donnie go bang-bang. Bigly. Covfefe” – following a chemical weapons attack in Syria.

Tensions remained high throughout yesterday, with President Putin choosing not to respond and only a single message from the Kremlin saying simply – ‘whatevs, mate. Do what you like.’ – but that has been attributed to a quite low-level official.

However, the world breathed a sigh of relief this morning as the Russian president issued his conciliatory tweet with its offer for private talks.

“I think that, frankly, we can, once again, be grateful that the old-fashioned method of painstaking behind-the-scenes diplomacy has been replaced with random emotional late-night tweeting,” said Simon Williams, a diplomatic expert.

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“I would imagine that Presidents Putin and Trump will now switch to WhatsApp, pour themselves a glass of prosecco, briefly swap some Cardi B YouTube videos and then get on to the matter of the chemical weapon attack and escalating tensions in Syria.”

The world must now wait for the only signal that relations have returned to normal.

Such as a tweet reading – ‘Love you babes. Talk soon xxx’.