Nobody notices as Mark Zuckerberg sends Jesse Eisenberg to appear in front of MPs

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Jesse Eisenberg just pretended to be Mark Zuckerberg again.

After initially turning down the Department for Culture Media and Sport’s request to meet, the overlord of social media then appeared to change his mind and declared he would pop on a hoodie and show up in order to explain why Facebook user data has been used to help Kellogg’s sell more cereal, or whatever.

“He was very articulate and surprisingly open,” said MP, Simon Williams.

“He looked a bit different from the photos I’ve seen of him but he was quick to explain that’s due to a super-duper Facebook filter, which I didn’t understand but nodded at anyway. I mean, I didn’t want to look thick.

“Anyway, he explained – at a speed with which I could just about keep up – that all of the Facebook data is used perfectly ethically and it’s our fault for not understanding him or his vision, rather than any questionable use of data on his part.”

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Clerk, Jay Cooper, said “I kept trying to say ‘that’s Jesse Eisenberg’ but everyone kept telling me to shush because I’m young and not particularly rich.

“It was particularly ballsy to bring Justin Timberlake with him.”