NewsThump enjoys generous bonus from its shadowy Zionist paymasters

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After two days of publishing pro-Zionist propaganda, the shills at NewsThump have enjoyed a nice bonus from the people who really run things in the world.

The so-called ‘amusing’ website published several articles satirising alleged anti-Semitism inside the Labour party with nothing more than evidence of anti-Semitism within Labour to back that up.

“Hey, argue all you like, but we just do as we’re told,” said fictional NewsThump writer Simon Williams, who may or may not have changed his name from something more Jewish-sounding to appease his target audience.

“Obviously, we understand that Jeremy Corbyn and Labour are the good guys and as such should never, ever be criticised i the media.

“But, like others in the Mainstream media, we have shadowy Zionist paymasters to answer to, and, frankly, they pay us very well indeed to churn out this stuff.”

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It is understood that the global Zionist conspiracy wanted the anti-Semitism within Labour highlighted to distract from their nefarious plans to continue their domination of the world economy that began with the Rothschilds family several hundred years ago.

Happily, the clear anti-Labour and pro-Zionist agenda at NewsThump has been noticed by eagle-eyed readers, and those among them who are alive to what’s really going on have stated in no uncertain terms that they will not be following the website anymore, leaving everyone left behind feeling terribly sad.

It is expected that NewsThump will shortly revert to its more traditional role of pro-Remain propagandists, as they also have a series of shadowy neoliberal paymasters to which they must answer.