‘Live With A Racist’: struggling right-wing party launches AirBNP

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In a bid to try to curtail failing membership, the British National Party have launched an innovative house-sharing initiative.

AirBNP was unveiled by Geoff Cross, a senior party member, to try to bring the party back into the mainstream of British politics.

“Butlin’s, Pontins, sprawling caravan parks in North Wales – nobody does holidays like Britain,” said Mr Cross at the launch, “and now, we are thrilled to bring you the latest addition to that proud line-up, AirBNP.

“By allowing ordinary members of the British public – so long as they meet strict ethnic and racial criteria – to stay in the homes of our party members, we are hoping to put the BNP back to the heights not seen since its heyday.

“Our party already tried having its hate-filled rhetoric accepted by the British public on its own merits. When that didn’t work – even in these fractious times – we knew that the obvious next step for regaining votes was to resort to establishing companies on parody law.”

The McAllister’s, a couple who have already listed their house through AirBNP, said that they were hoping it’d give them a chance to meet like-minded people.

So far, however, they say they’ve only had visits from Neo-Nazis and political crackpots.

Recognising some issues with the service, Mr Cross said, “Obviously, there have already been some problems with foreign tourists mistaking our site for actual AirBnB and booking with us.

“While this is literally the exact opposite of what we wanted to happen, we also want them to leave positive reviews so please treat them nicely.”

One review of Mr Cross’ own property we found read, “This house pushed the limits of credibility on the number of St. George’s Crosses one house can contain.”