Rothschilds blamed for Jeremy Corbyn antisemitism allegations

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Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have laid the blame for recent antisemitism allegations against him squarely at the door of a shadowy international conspiracy.

The Labour Leader, who has come under fire in recent days for his membership of a succession of Facebook groups whose content was at times virulently antisemitic, has been defended by supporters who say this is clearly the work of the secretive global cartel who pull the strings of finance and the media.

The existence of a worldwide conspiracy which is utilising its power to win the forthcoming local elections for the Conservatives is by far the most likely explanation for the whole controversy, supporters claim.

“There’s only one group with the international contacts, organisational know-how and meticulous planning required to stitch Jeremy up like this,” said Labour spokesman Simon Williams.

“Who else would think to make sure he was a member of these groups six or seven years ago, before anyone else knew he would become the Labour leader and challenge their terrifying cartel of power – and all just so they could undermine him now, as he sits on the cusp of his greatest victory?

“Only the sort of people who think really long-term, if you catch my drift,” he said, tapping his nose meaningfully.

“It’s all being bankrolled by George Soros, you mark my words.”

When asked, the Rothschilds and George Soros said they’d never even heard of Jeremy Corbyn, and anyway, they’re much too busy paying all those teenagers in America to demand people stop shooting them.