Alt-right pundits take a stand against Isis-linked attack in France by being overjoyed it happened

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Members of the online far-right nebula have expressed their horror at the senseless murders of three people in France by solemnly smirking, smiling and telling all their followers how brilliant they are.

Youtuber Simon Williams, known to his fans as Pepe the Shitlord, marked the tragedy by doing an open live stream where he struggled not to grin.

In the video, he declared, “Once again the PC snowflakes are left crying and bemoaning the loss of life or trying to offer excuses. When will they understand that they should have listened to a bunch of recluses like me and our brilliant theories the modern world?

“So now some murderer in a country I routinely make jokes about has proven me right about absolutely everything I have ever said on any topic. Take that transgender Feminazis!”

On Twitter, many notorious alt-right commentators made dignified memes featuring graphic footage of murders and atrocities before posting them on the feed of anyone they had ever disagreed with.  Mr Williams denied it was unseemly to use the tragedy to score points.

“Of courses we are sad but the important thing is that someone loosely affiliated to a billion human beings, that I hate for no apparent reason, has done something wrong.”

Asked if he also made links between mass murderers and larger groups when right-wing extremists go on killing sprees, Mr Williams ended the live stream.

However, due to a glitch in his settings, many people ended up being able to watch the overweight alt-right figurehead masturbating furiously for over two hours to Japanese cartoon pornography.