Mark Zuckerberg makes appeal for people to respect his privacy

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After a week of intensive reporting, Mark Zuckerberg has asked people to respect his privacy during this difficult time.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg, who has been splashed all over front pages and news bulletins for the last week, issued a media statement saying that using him to sell papers and gather clicks was unreasonably intrusive and he hoped that his wishes to be left alone would be understood and respected.

His statement read, “I’m sure you all realise that this has been a very difficult week for both me and my company.

“In order to get on with my life, I’m asking news and media organisations to refrain from using the information they have about me simply to advance their commercial interests.

“It’s worth pointing out that I wasn’t aware that my business practices would be made public when I agreed to undertake them, and instead had a reasonable expectation that they would remain out of the public eye – and I hope you will understand and abide by my wishes in this matter.”

Zuckerberg went on to say that using details about his friends and family without their consent in news reports was ‘deeply unpleasant”, and left him feeling sick when he learned about it.

His statement went on, ”I appreciate that I’ve made certain information about myself public, but to use that to drag those closest to me into this, without even asking for their permission, just to make a fast buck, is beyond the limits of decency,

“What sort of sick freak would do that?”