Blue passports will need to be ‘collected in person from Amsterdam’

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Gemalto, the Dutch-French firm that will shortly be producing UK passports, have confirmed today that they will not be offering a postal service and that UK citizens who wish to travel abroad will need to collect their passport in person from Amsterdam.

Gemalto CEO Olivier Piou told us today, “It is true that, in order to keep the cost of the contract as low as possible, we have not included a postal option.

“We do, however, pride ourselves on our turnaround times and estimate that passports will be available to collect at our Amsterdam headquarters just two weeks from us receiving the application.”

It is thought that many Brits will now have to use the ‘transitional period’ agreed by the UK and EU negotiators last week to collect their passports, prior to borders being closed in around 20 months time.

Anyone wishing to travel after that date will have to have a valid passport to allow them to travel to Europe in order to collect their new passport.

Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed that she was aware of the clause but the alternative was the possibility of people having to travel to Gateshead, which may cause more problematic language barriers.

She explained, “What people need to remember is that there are millions of illegal immigrants travelling happily across Europe at the moment, none of whom have valid travel documents and they seem to be managing quite well, thank you.

“All that we are asking is that people show the initiative to make a single trip to Amsterdam; it can’t be that hard. It’s a well-trodden path.”