Daily Express warns of ‘killer heatwave’ after temperatures rise above freezing

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After the United Kingdom experienced a rise in temperature above freezing yesterday, the Daily Express has warned readers that a dangerous heatwave could be on the way.

“These are the sort of soaring temperatures that ring our alarm bells,” explained senior forecaster, sixteen-year-old Simon Williams.

“Yesterday I went outside with only three layers of clothing on instead of the five layers I had to wear last week, and if that isn’t a strong indication that a heatwave is on the way, I don’t know what is.”

He went on, “The average temperature rose by two degrees yesterday, and if it continues at that rate we will have Sahara-like temperatures by Easter.

“We would, therefore, encourage vulnerable adults to stay well hydrated and leave all their windows open at night. Just to be on the safe side.”

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With the newspaper having warned of an ‘arctic blast’ last week, it is thought that the current heatwave warning nearly broke the record for the shortest amount of time between a cold warning and hot warning from the paper.

The record was set last February when staff forgot to turn the heating off overnight and issued a heatwave warning the minute they walked through the door of the offices, just one day after warning of a big freeze.