‘Please let me go home’ begs frozen-solid BBC field reporter

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A news reporter is more snow than man at this point.

Simon Williams, BBC’s Irish correspondent, has been stood out in the deep snow for the last seven hours for no other point than to prove the BBC can make him do so.

“I can confirm it’s still fucking snowing,” declared Williams through chattering teeth, icicles dangling from his nose.

“The Met Office has issued a red weather warning, meaning an actual risk to life and yet I’m still here for reasons which are clear to absolutely nobody.

“We’ve established that it’s really cold and that it’s going to snow for a while longer. Surely my job is done at this point?

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“I mean look at my hair. It’s frozen solid. I’m going to have to defrost it. Defrosting their head isn’t something anyone should ever have to do.”

BBC producer, Jay Cooper, chuckled, “Honestly he could have gone home hours ago.

“We’ve got a bet going as to how long we can keep him out there. Half of his broadcasts weren’t even aired, so he’s been standing in the snow talking to himself half the time. It’s brilliant.

“If he passes out, we’ll take him home. We’re not monsters.”