Friday 2 March 2018 by Gary Stanton

Brexit ‘an historic mistake’, insists man who knows something about making them

Tony Blair on Brexit

Brexit will be ‘an historic mistake’ according to a former Prime Minister who made a huge fucking great one.

In another really helpful Brexit intervention, Blair told reporters yesterday, “What is needed is a second referendum, which we’re unlikely to get, just as we needed a second UN resolution to murder half-a-million, blameless Iraqi citizens, which we also didn’t get.”

Blair also said he receives a lot of ‘abuse and hysteria’ every time he speaks out about Brexit, so – yeah, read on Tony.

But as the radioactive dust began to settle on another expensive after-dinner speech, most pundits agreed Tony Blair’s biggest historical mistake was giving up rhythm guitar for a career in politics.

Grammar expert, Simon Williams, said, “Before we talk about historic mistakes, let’s remind ourselves that this is the man who invited Liam Gallagher into Downing Street for a ‘jam’.

“Even the phrase ‘an historic mistake’ is a historic mistake. The man is utterly error-prone.

“You wouldn’t say ‘an historic mistake’ these days unless you’re some sort of throwback to a bygone era, and before you say anything more, I think that’s very unkind.

“An example of correct usage is: ‘that allied forces marched into a sovereign state without a credible exit strategy can, in hindsight, be viewed as a historic mistake.

“Similarly, you wouldn’t say ‘the former Prime Minister is a horrible, interfering bellend who is doing our chances of remaining in the EU irreparable damage’.

“He is a horrible, interfering bellend who is doing our chances of remaining in the EU irreparable damage.

“Further examples of incorrect or obsolete grammar are ‘an humungous, warmongering cunt’ or ‘an hysterical, ill-advised, suppurating anus of a human being’ .”

He added, “I should fucking well charge for this.”

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