Max Mosley is a racist and a fascist, claims tolerant and broadminded Daily Mail

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The Daily Mail, a tabloid which would never dream of blaming immigrants for causing any problems in society, has accused Max Mosley, the son of famed racist Sir Oswald Mosley, of being a racist and a xenophobe.

The discovery of a canvassing leaflet published by Max Mosley in 1961 has raised questions over the privacy campaigner’s views towards immigrants, particularly a shocking segment in which he accused ‘coloured immigrants’ of spreading diseases and demanding that voters should ‘send blacks home’.

Daily Mail senior editor Simon Williams told us, “If there’s one thing we hate more than social injustice or the printed words of those who seek to cause divisions in society, it’s racists and people who are intolerant of immigrants.

“Immigrants contribute so much to society, and frankly we’d be at a loss without the skills and income that our immigrant workforce contribute to the United Kingdom.

“Max Mosley is a despicable racist, plain and simple. Just imagine the uproar in this day and age if a modern publication blamed immigrants for stealing jobs, or causing a health crisis?

“It’s unthinkable, isn’t it. In today’s society we should all be beyond such things. We at the Daily Mail are just glad to be at the forefront of promoting a liberal, tolerant, welcoming approach towards immigrants.”

According to sources close to him, Max Mosley has been left angered by the claims of the Daily Mail, especially as he had previously approached them with the offer of writing for them as a guest columnist.

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