US considering restricting sale of some colours of guns

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US President Donald Trump has reacted to the country’s recent shocking school shooting in the most emphatic way possible – by considering a ban on certain gun colours.

The White House has stated that the plan is based on solid evidence that it will prevent further mass shootings and definitely isn’t a piece of half-arsed virtue-signalling that will have no effect on the President’s legion of fanatic gun-nut supporters.

“We have done wide-ranging studies into mass-shootings and discovered the certain colours may make people angry,” said a White House ‘science’ advisor.

“In fact, I did it myself. I asked around the office and we all agreed that yellow makes us all feel a little mad.

“So we’re recommending a ban on yellow guns.”

It is thought that there have been no mass shootings carried out with yellow guns and, in fact, there are no yellow guns currently available.

“No, that’s true. But these are preventative measures for the future,” continued the advisor, “This legislation will prevent mass shootings being carried out with yellow guns.

“Which is great news for everyone.”

However, it is thought the proposal may face opposition for America’s powerful gun organisation, the NRA.

“We oppose this legislation,” said NRA leader Wayne LaPierre.

“The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a yellow gun is a good guy with a yellow gun.”

It is thought that the legislation to ban yellow guns will be introduced to Congress within the week where it will be discussed interminably for several months before being shelved as it’s not really yellow guns that are the issue, but the people who use those yellow guns, with Congress ultimately agreeing that praying there isn’t another shooting is probably the best plan.