Desperate KFC customers spotted chasing rats with a butterfly net and a bucket

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The KFC shortage has reached crisis point.

Following reports that many KFC outlets remain closed after the chicken empire forget to pay for next-day delivery, members of the British public have taken matters into their own hands.

“Hold still you little bastard!” demanded Simon Williams, sprinting after a large rat and trying desperately to catch it under an empty family bucket.

“Ugh. He got away. They’re smarter than you think, these rats – or smarter than me, anyway, and I’m the one chasing rats down the street in the middle of the day.

“Ideally I want to catch ten of them, deep fry them and then convince my family that daddy managed to finally find some KFC.

“The taste will be roughly the same and it’ll wipe that smug look off my wife’s stupid face when she realises she can’t force vegetables on us any longer.”

Fellow KFC addict, Jay Cooper, declared “GOT HIM!” as his cricket bat finally came crashing down on a rat’s head.

“This will pass for a zinger tower meal, once I’ve given it a wash and grilled it.

“What? No, I think my priorities are well in order. Why?”