Liberal snowflake students going on and on about not wanting to be shot to death at school

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Florida students are using any opportunity possible to go on and on about not wanting to be shot to death while at school, according to trusted media sources today.

Just seven days after 17 people were killed by an assault rifle at a Florida school, students from the campus are wasting no opportunity in calling for draconian steps that might reduce the chances of them being murdered in a classroom.

“Such snowflakes,” explained one media commentator and YouTube film-maker.

“God, you’d think something bad had happened the way they’re going on and on about it.  We get it okay, you nearly got shot to death at school. Big deal. Emphasis on the nearly.

“You don’t see the kids who were actually killed going on about it, so I don’t see why these kids should be given any airtime at all. It was a week ago, get over it.

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“They’re probably just trying to get a book deal for when they graduate. It’s not like they could have any other possible reason for repeatedly calling for gun reform whenever anyone puts a microphone in front of their face.”

Fox News has sent investigative reporters to look into the whining students and discovered that yes, they are in fact, utter snowflakes.

Correspondent Chuck Williams explained, “The children of Marjory Stoneman Douglas school would love nothing more than to complete their education without the fear of being shot to pieces by a high-powered assault rifle while they learn – and it appears they are willing to do anything to get what they want.

“These relentless children will stop at nothing until they get to enjoy a safe learning environment, and that should terrify every God-fearing Conservative American citizen.

“Thank God we’re all armed well enough to protect ourselves from such harmful ideas.”