Racists using ‘I’ve watched Black Panther’ as the new ‘I have black friends’

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Racists will be falling back on their Black Panther ticket stub to prove they are not racists.

As “I can’t be racist, I have black friends” approaches its bicentennial, racists in both pubs and social media are in need of a new false equivalence to turn to in the hope of shutting down a debate otherwise based on logic.

“So we’re really glad for Black Panther,” confirmed racist, Simon Williams.

“People were starting to question the logic of me saying I’ve got black mates whenever I suggest asylum seekers should be shoved back on their inflatable raft and pushed back towards Syria.

“They can’t seem to fathom how those two concepts are connected, the morons.

“So I went to see Black Panther to further prove I’m not a racist because I’ve been to see a film with black people in it.

“It was actually an ok film, considering.

“There weren’t enough white people in it, but that’s also true of London, so I found a way to relate to the movie.

“That’s another way I’m obviously not racist. I relate to black stuff like that.”