Ofcom swamped with complaints as everyone survives first episode of ITV’s Survival of the Fittest

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ITV faced intense criticism as the first episode of their new show, billed as Love Island in the savanna, saw all contestants remain alive after facing challenges usually associated with a company team building exercise at a leisure centre in Daventry.

Viewer Amanda Tinnock was one of many who took to social media to express her disgust.

“The show held such promise. You take the tried and tested Love Island formula of pretty yet repugnant people all put in one place to talk bollocks and create new STDs, but then you get lions to attack them.

“And the cast is great. The women were complete skaggers and the men were the worst collection of ‘banter wankers’ I’d seen in awhile. But instead of setting an angry Cape Buffalo on them they just held a fucking Sports Day.”

ITV denied misleading viewers, as explained producer Simon Williams.

“Let’s stop pretending anyone thought this was going to be something new.

“Look, there’s only so many variations we can do on the concept of locking up young braindead exhibitionists to rut like chimps. We’ve put them in houses, jungles and islands. It’s the same sodding show.

“You get to watch chavvy types bicker and then you can feel smug because you know more than four countries and can spell your own name. We wouldn’t be making this shit if people didn’t watch it.

“As it happens we did try to entice a few leopards into the lodge but, ironically, the smell of Lynx Africa is a huge deterrent to wildlife.”