The NHS is failing, declares man behind wildly successful Trump Steaks and Trump Vodka brands

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An American businessman who is known for running hugely successful ventures such as Trump Steaks has slammed Britain’s NHS as ‘going broke and not working’.

The National Health Service, which provides free healthcare to an entire country regardless of individual circumstances, was yesterday criticised in a Twitter outburst by President Donald Trump, who is best known for business triumphs such as Trump University and for currently running a country where 22 million people have no health coverage whatsoever.

“The NHS is weak and failing British people every day,” explained Trump to reporters.

“Whereas over here in the mighty United States, our healthcare is the best you could imagine, it’s absolutely terrific. For those lucky enough to have health insurance, of course.”

He went on, “They need someone like me, with the best and bigliest brain to run the NHS. Look at my record – I’m tee-total, yet Trump Vodka is a roaring success and now a household name across the globe.

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“Oh yes, I know how to run a business. Who could forget Trump Airlines and Trump Mortgage? You can do anything if you put your mind to it, see.”

President Trump, who also was so successful at marriage he is currently on his third, is expected to continue to offer Great Britain the benefit of his opinion until the equally successful Prime Minister plucks up the courage to ask him to mind his own business.

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