Formula One grid girls to be replaced with grid horses

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Formula 1 bosses have announced that from next season, they will replace the ‘grid girls’ with ‘grid horses’.

The move will please Formula 1 fans who would like to see more horses involved in the sport.

“We feel that some nice horses trotting about the grid during the pre-race build-up will be lovely for fans and drivers alike,” said F1 manager of commercial operations Sean Bratches.

“Imagine the interviewer chatting with Lewis or Kimi, and a nice horse comes up and stands by them. I think that everyone could enjoy that.”

The horses would be free to wander through the starting grid posing for photos and interacting with the crowd.

Bratches went on, “If all goes well, we might even be able to offer some pre-race rides to some of the children in the crowd which could be an unforgettable treat.”

Mr Bratches made it clear that the horses would not be selected based on looks or age.

“No, all horses from old Shires to young foals will be welcome in Formula 1, because that’s the kind of horse-friendly atmosphere we’re trying to foster here.”

It is thought that ‘grid horses’ were only settled on as a replacement for ‘grid girls’ after the original plan for ‘grid dolphins’ was deemed impractical.