Brexiter convinced his version of Brexit is what the government is obliged to deliver

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A Brexit voter has confirmed he believes his personal interpretation of Brexit is exactly what the government will deliver, and is exactly what everyone else who voted leave also wants.

Speaking today, Simon Williams, a 68-year-old retired Buy to Let landlord, and self-appointed EU expert, from Hull, shouted and pointed, “Traitorous remoaners constantly tell us we didn’t know what we were voting for, but it was clear on the ballot paper, we voted out!

“Every patriot in the country knows that leave means leave, and that means all of the very specific things that I have in my mind right now.

“Any going against the will of the people, in other words my will, is an act of treachery.

Williams was then asked about his views on moves to remain in the Customs Union and a potential second referendum.

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He told us, “All this talk about remaining in the Single Market, the Customs Union or offering a further referendum on the final deal is grossly undemocratic, even though I don’t fully understand what these options mean.

“But you don’t need to be an expert to know what is right. For example, I have absolutely no idea what Euratom is, but I do know it has ‘Eu’ in it, so it must be bad.

“All this talk about importing radioisotopes, we voted to stop immigration, not keep it going!”

Commenting, fellow Brexiter, Stella Jones said, “I totally agree with Simon, we should definitely stay in the Single Market, just like Daniel Hannan said we would.”