Office cake culture making me fat, claims middle-aged worker who never exercises

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An HR administrator has blamed his weight increase on colleagues celebrating their birthdays with cakes and snacks in the office.

Mike Felton, 52, has reportedly gained two inches on his waist size and believes it has nothing to do with the fact that he hasn’t done any moderate exercise since last October.

“Since coming back from the Christmas holidays where the only activity I did was to get up from the sofa to get another heaving bowl of Christmas pudding covered in cream, Susan from accounts and Debbie in comms have both had birthdays,” he said.

“Two lots of cakes over the course of the month is a lot and contributes to an unhealthy lifestyle,” he continued.

“It’s the main reason why I’ve put on so much weight recently.”

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Mike believes his weight gain has nothing to do with the fact he enjoys exercising as little as humanly possible.

“In October last year I walked up the road with my grandchildren to take them trick-or-treating,” he explained.

“Then we had to walk all the way back from the far end of the road, which took about 15 minutes in total. So I definitely consider myself as ‘active’.”

Mike declined to comment on how many of his grandchildren’s sweets he ate on their walk.

“Look, at the end of the day, senior management at my company should be trying harder to promote a healthy lifestyle,” he added.

“I’d go up and tell them myself but their offices are on the third floor and we don’t have a lift in our building.”