Earning less than Nicky Campbell was the worst insult of all, say BBC women

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The BBC women group, that has spearheaded the campaign for equal pay in the corporation, have said that discovering that they were paid less than Nicky Campbell was definitely a low point.

When the BBC released salary details, it was revealed that Campbell earned over £400k for getting up quite early and alternating between patronising and irritating for several hours.

“You work hard, take your job seriously, dedicate your life to this institution and then find out you’re valued less than Nicky Campbell. It was just such an insult,” said one female journalist.

“I mean, I’ve listened to him. Well, I’ve listened to five minutes of him before turning off my radio and smashing it into the kitchen worktops so I don’t accidentally listen to him again. Like most people.

“The only explanation for the fact that myself or any of my colleagues are paid less than him must be institutional gender bias.

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“Or that all BBC management are completely deaf, but that seems unlikely.”

It wasn’t just the female journalists who took umbrage at Mr Campbell’s salary.

“Yeah, I’m the BBC’s official carpet checker. I check carpets throughout the buildings and make sure there are no trip hazards.

“If I quit tomorrow, then someone might sustain a mild trip, if Nicky Campbell left tomorrow then hundreds of thousands of people wouldn’t be irritated or patronised.

“You tell me who should be earning twenty times more than who.”

It is understood that Nicky Campbell has agreed to a pay cut, but whilst he still gets paid anything at all, women everywhere will have a right to feel aggrieved.