Brexit impact statements described as ‘Project Fear’ by the Government that wrote them

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Brexit impact studies have been described as ‘speculative fearmongering’ by the Government that actually wrote them today.

The documents, which were leaked overnight, led to a debate in the House of Commons in which the Government furiously disagreed with its own assessment which suggests there may well be a downside to the Brexit process.

Pro-Brexit MP Simon Williams issued a stinging rejection of the documents which his own government wrote, saying that he and his party were clearly trying to undermine the process which he and his party so desperately want.

“It’s outrageous that people like myself are saying things which talk down the thing I wholeheartedly support,” he told the Commons.

“I may have predicted that economic growth will be 8% lower as a result of Brexit, but you can’t believe that because people making these predictions are usually utterly clueless,” he added.

“The only way I can make Brexit a success is if I stop writing reports which say it’ll make everyone poorer, and start acting a bit more patriotically.

“If I can’t do that then clearly I’m some sort of traitor.”