Government tells government to stop talking down Britain and get behind the government

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The government has criticised the government for ‘talking down Britain’ after a leaked government report suggested the UK would be worse off after Brexit.

The government also called on the government to get behind the government and get on with the job that the people of Britain voted for.

“I, for one, am sick of this government’s endless carping about this government,” said Prime Minister Theresa May.

“I think it’s high time the government piped down and let this government get on with its job.”

The country seems divided on the matter with some people supporting the government, while others prefer to support the government.

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“Yeah, what I think is that the government shouldn’t listen to the government and just get on with Brexit,” said Brexit supporter Simon Williams.

However, others disagreed.

“No, I think its good that the government is speaking out against the government if they don’t think what the government is doing is right,” said Remain supporter Eleanor Gay.

Asked the critical question about whether he supported the government or the government on this issue, opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn muttered about the NHS and went off and did a rally somewhere.