British man has crap window cleaner for ten years because he’s too polite to cancel

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A British man has tolerated rudeness and dirty windows for over a decade because he doesn’t like to make a fuss.

Simon Williams, 43, has persisted in handing over the monthly fee of £25 to his window cleaner despite being extremely unhappy with the quality of service he receives.

Mr Williams told us that there were two main aspects to his dissatisfaction.

“Firstly, he’s a pretty horrible guy. My wife complains that he makes her uneasy and stares at her in a funny way. She says he always seems to spend a disproportionately long time on the bathroom window…

“And he always calls me Mr Smallcock after seeing me get dressed once. He even writes it on his invoices.

“I haven’t said anything because I don’t want him to think I can’t take a bit of banter.

“Secondly, he has this annoying habit of smearing mud and shit all over our windows. Every time he comes I have to get my ladder out and give everything a good going over – it takes up most of my weekend.

“I’ve thought about getting another window cleaner but I can’t really afford to have two. I don’t want to cancel him because, well, he knows the place, I suppose, and in all fairness, he always turns up.

“And window cleaners are so hard to find aren’t they?”