Grumpy Cat now Happy Cat after winning $700,000 payout

author avatar by 5 years ago

The Internet’s favourite miserable feline has cracked a smile for the first time after winning a huge payout in court yesterday.

The cat, whose fortune was made from looking like the worst possible thing had just happened, was reported to be ‘overjoyed’ after winning a huge copyright case over the use of her image.

“I don’t see how anyone could look miserable after scooping seven hundred fat ones,” the cat told us in a statement.

“Except maybe Posh Spice, but she’s got more of a face like a well-smacked bum than I have.

“Still, I’ve really got nothing to be unhappy about anymore. Life is great, isn’t it? Be happy, everyone!”

However, the joyful reaction has come with one huge downside.

“Now I’m happy my career is almost certainly over,” she told us. “That makes me so miserable.

“Oh, thank God.”