Welsh FA confirms lookalike will cover for Ryan Giggs during friendly Internationals

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The Welsh FA has announced that Ryan Giggs’ contract allows him to maintain his ongoing apathy towards friendly internationals.

The special provisions in his contract will allow him to send a lookalike to manage the team for matches he deems ‘unimportant in the overall scheme of things’.

“We’re just delighted to have Ryan as the boss, so if he decides he only wants to turn up for 25% of the friendly games, then so be it – we’ll take it.

“There are plenty of people out there who look a little bit like Ryan Giggs, so we’re sure the fans won’t feel shortchanged when Ryan feels like he’s got something better to do.

“Sure, the one we’ve chosen doesn’t look a lot like Ryan, but something is better than nothing, which is what we had to put up with for the best part of twenty years.”

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Wales Fan Simon Williams said the move was about par for the course with Giggs.

He told us, “He was never one for friendlies during his playing days, so it’s no shock to learn he feels the same way now he’s a manager – but I do think he’s opening himself up to much bigger problems down the line.

“Remember, if he’s not there when the match is actually being played, I guarantee every player in the squad will be left wondering whose wife he’s spending that time with.

“Soon you’ll have loads of Welsh players saying they can’t make the get friendly together for all sort of spurious reasons – and wouldn’t that be the ultimate irony.”